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The Club of Rome: Earth4All

December 2021 - November 2023

Earth4All is a joint project led by The Club of Rome, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Norwegian Business School, building on the legacies of The Limits to Growth and the Planetary Boundaries frameworks.

Earth4All has three core pillars: 1) The Earth4 model which explores five pathways for humanity this century on the topics of energy, food, equality, wealth and population; 2) Stress testing of modelling results and existing tensions between people-planet-prosperity with economic thought leaders; and 3) A major campaign to support adoption of new economic thinking and long-term policies to catalyze the five pathways.

Read our conversation with Till Kellerhoff from Club of Rome to find out more about Earth4All’s story.

Grant Awarded: $236,636
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