Our Approach

Beyond grant-making, we are exploring how we can best use our curation and convening power, our networks, and our skills and resources to:

  • Strengthen the new economy ecosystem, understanding and supporting the shared needs of the field and strengthening the ‘connective tissue’ between organisations and actors.
  • Mobilise resources, introducing new funders to the field and encouraging existing funders to keep looking to the edges of new thinking and practice.
  • Grow the field, encouraging new and expanding lines to be drawn around who and what is part of it, and building bridges with other social and ecological movements.
  • Enable alignment, coherence and collaboration as the new economy field grows and changes, supporting others to situate themselves within a wider ecosystem, valuing different routes to change and unlocking collective power.

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You can find curated content, events and other initiatives that make up this work in our Monthly Roundup, News and Events and Stories pages. If you’re curious about how our field-building approach is developing, you can read reflections and plans written by the team following P4NE’s in-person Gathering in Autumn 2022.

Explore the New Economy

Earth4All: A Survival Guide for Humanity

A leading group of scientists and economists from around the world present five extraordinary turnarounds to achieve prosperity for all within planetary limits in a single generation.

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Demos Helsinki: Turning the Tide

This report tells a story of this nascent movement in Europe, analysing the landscape as it was in 2021. The movement is a much more significant one than you would have guessed. It’s a source of inspiration on many levels.

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New Constellations: Audio Encounter

Partners for a New Economy brought together 90 thinkers, funders and change-makers in 2022. In this audio piece you’ll hear some of their dreams and reflections for a new economy that serves the future…

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Stories of pioneering work and inspirational people working to redesign our economies in service of people and nature.

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