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Partners for a New Economy is an international philanthropic fund focused on transforming our economy for nature and all people to flourish. We were founded in 2015 by the MAVA, Oak, Marisla and KR Foundations, to address the root causes of environmental degradation that lie within our economic system. In 2020 we were joined by Laudes and Ford Foundations, by Omidyar Network in 2022 and by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2023.

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What We Fund

The initiatives we fund show a deep understanding of planetary boundaries and an urgency to transform our economy to live within them. They push the frontiers of alternative economic thinking, and work to change the rules, goals and mindsets underpinning our current economic system.

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How We Work

We work collaboratively. Our grant-making and field-building are delivered in close partnership with our funders. We have a small team of staff based in the UK, Denmark and Switzerland and operate as a philanthropic fund hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Our Board is made up of representatives from each of our Funding Partners, who work closely with the executive team.

Grant Making

Our grant-making has a strong nature lens, nurturing new economic ideas and building power for transformative, systemic change. We often fund early-stage projects and organisations. Whilst our main geographic focus is Europe, we are keen to see a breadth of perspective and global outlook.

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As an international funder collaborative, we pool the resources and expertise of our Funding Partners to support pioneering people, projects and ideas. We work across the wider philanthropic landscape to share learning and encourage others to invest in the new economy field.

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Field Building

We aim to strengthen and grow the new economy ecosystem, supporting people and organisations to find greater alignment, deepen their interdependence and collaborate. We draw on our networks and convening power to create conditions for the field to make greater progress together.

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How We've Helped

Partners for a New Economy’s grant-making covers a broad range of areas, from central banks to university economics departments, government policy to narrative change. Our grants have contributed to the emergence of new economic thinking and practice, supporting pioneering work that is redesigning our economies in service of people and nature.

“As we speak, there are hundreds of teams working across Europe to design and implement new economic systems”
Demos Helsinki

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Stories of pioneering work and inspirational people working to redesign our economies in service of people and nature.

New thinking about economics for a world in polycrisis

As the world becomes darker and more dangerous, economics provides an unlikely source of optimism. 2023 was dubbed the ‘Year of Exhaustion’. Devastation caused by wars and natural disasters; polarisation pervading both online and in-person; and a sense of overwhelm...

By Jo Swinson, Director, Partners for a New Economy

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