Our Story

A decade ago, our founding Partners were curious about why the conservation efforts they were funding were individually successful, yet the overall problems kept getting worse. After much discussion and the diagnosis that the economic system was to blame, Partners for a New Economy was born in 2015. P4NE developed its grant-making portfolio across money and banking, enterprise and new economic thinking. More funders started to become interested in the agenda, and our areas of focus developed and deepened.

Our Journey

Our Governance

Partners for a New Economy is a philanthropic fund hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the development of philanthropy by managing funds and providing grant management services and council for charitable ventures. Our Funding Partners contribute resources together to our pooled grant-making fund, on a 3-year renewable commitment. Each Funding Partner is represented on the P4NE Board, which meets 4 times a year to discuss strategy, review and make decisions on grant applications.

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