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We were founded in 2015 by the MAVA, Oak, Marisla and KR Foundations, joined in 2020 by Laudes and Ford Foundations and by Omidyar Network in 2022. Our Funding Partners see that our current economic system is the root cause of many environmental and social crises. Deeply committed, they recognise that philanthropy can play a vital role in supporting a new economic vision, and building the power to redesign the economy so that all life can thrive.

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Funder Networks

We work with a wide network of donors and funding organisations, to collaborate and share learning . Through our host, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, we are members of Philea (Philanthropy Europe Association), ACF (The Association of Charitable Foundation UK) and EDGE (EDGE Funders). We are also part of the Economic Paradigm Funders Group. If you are a funder and would like to find out more about our work and the new economy field, we’d love to connect.

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Explore the New Economy

Earth4All: A Survival Guide for Humanity

A leading group of scientists and economists from around the world present five extraordinary turnarounds to achieve prosperity for all within planetary limits in a single generation.

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Demos Helsinki: Turning the Tide

This report tells a story of this nascent movement in Europe, analysing the landscape as it was in 2021. The movement is a much more significant one than you would have guessed. It’s a source of inspiration on many levels.

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New Constellations: Audio Encounter

Partners for a New Economy brought together 90 thinkers, funders and change-makers in 2022. In this audio piece you’ll hear some of their dreams and reflections for a new economy that serves the future…

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Stories of pioneering work and inspirational people working to redesign our economies in service of people and nature

Reflections on P4NE’s 2022 Gathering

Looking round the lush garden courtyard amidst the grand yet charming buildings of Jesus College Cambridge, it was an amazing sight to see dozens of people who I’d only ever met through the cramped confines of a zoom box on...

By Jo Swinson

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