Our Guiding Principles

  • Nature

    Deep understanding of planetary boundaries and the urgency to transform our economy so that we live within them; seeing our economy embedded within society, embedded within the natural world. Only organisations promoting economic change which will benefit nature will be considered for funding.

  • Ideas

    Emergent, transformative, pluralist thinking and ideas that push the frontiers of economic debate and have the potential to catalyse systemic change at scale. We will only fund research where there is a clear plan of how to bring the ideas into the mainstream. We don’t rule out ideas that are not yet on the brink of success – we want to accelerate them.

  • People

    Dynamic, reflective and collaborative people, who are committed to learning and with potential to be leaders, catalysing change and building bridges within and beyond the growing new economy movement.

  • Power

    Strengthening connections between people and organisations to build momentum and power for change. Recognising the broad alliances needed to transform the system, work will be inclusive, nonpartisan, and address the intersections of nature, climate and social justice including race and gender.

  • Place

    Our main geographic focus is European, harnessing existing energy and ecosystems of new economy groups. We are keen to see a breadth of perspective and a global outlook, embracing learning from the global south. We are developing clusters of grants beyond Europe in targeted locations, starting with New Zealand.

P4NE makes around 15 grants a year, with a significant proportion of these being renewals. Our Board meets four times a year to consider grant requests. Beyond our normal funding cycle, we may develop new initiatives which can involve a ‘call for proposals’, such as our Aotearoa New Zealand programme. These are publicised via our website, monthly RoundUp and LinkedIn.

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