We’re delighted to share that the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has joined our international philanthropic collaboration.

Hewlett joins P4NE’s six other funding partners in pooling their resources and expertise to pursue a vision of an economy redesigned for nature and all people to flourish. This new partnership includes an initial $500,000 financial commitment, and forms part of their Economy and Society Initiative and wider mission to advance ideas and support institutions to promote a better world. 

Brian Kettenring, Director of the Economy and Society Initiative at Hewlett said: 

“We’re thrilled to join Partners for a New Economy, a vibrant space for funder collaboration in the new economy sector. At Hewlett, we’re supporting both the development of new economic ideas and their dissemination and application in the world. P4NE provides an important center of gravity for work at each stage of that process.”

Jo Swinson, Director of Partners For A New Economy said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Hewlett to Partners For A New Economy. Hewlett has played a pivotal role in expanding the intellectual foundations and framing for a new ‘common sense’ about how the economy should work. Our partnership strengthens US-Europe funder connections, to deepen our exploration and support for redesigning our economies. We know no organisation can bring about a paradigm shift alone, so collaboration both within and beyond philanthropic circles is vital.”

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