The Beyond Growth conference, held at the European Parliament in Brussels felt like a pivotal occasion for many people working to redesign our economies. As the Wellbeing Alliance put it:

Every movement has milestone moments, waymarkers on the road to transformation…

Here, we highlight some of the great reflections and analysis that has followed since the conference in mid-May.

  • The publication Imagining Europe, Beyond Growth Magazine created for the occasion which we loved. It’s full of essays from great thinkers and practitioners:
  • A thoughtful article about some of the omissions at the conference, Eurocentrism and colonial narratives: “We are not mentioning the people, geographies and nature from where the EU imagines its green transition to come about. All the while, we are talking about securing the rights  and wellbeing of European citizens only”.
  • The brilliant Timothee Parrique response to The Economist after they published an article about the conference.
  • 5 questions that Jonathan Barthes from Zoe left with, as well as a useful round-up from Zoe Institut.
  • The open letter signed by over 400 people for a post-growth Europe.
  • An important thread about class:  “the working class has barely been mentioned outside of discussions relating to trade unions – which highlights, yet again, that post growth/degrowth still has no idea on how to approach social class.”
  • The team at WeAll’s reflections on the conference
  • Our Director, Jo Swinson, shared her favourite quotes, striking facts and words of wisdom, that sparked a conversation on LinkedIn


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