Partners for a New Economy is looking to commission an organisation or small team who can develop and design a series of content, primers or short programmes, that help build the awareness and understanding of ‘new economy’ ideas  for a funder and wealth holder audience. The purpose of this piece of work is to create tailored, timely and relevant content for these specific audiences so as to encourage more resources to move into the field.

We would ideally like the work to start in August 2024 and imagine this initial phase taking 4-6 months. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this work, we’d like to hear:

  • How would you approach this work – sharing a high-level project plan showing timeframes, sequencing etc.
  • What expertise you are bringing to the work – who is the team
  • What you would need from P4NE to make this work successful
  • What you see as the risks and opportunities
  • A high-level budget breakdown – given that the current budget parameters we have set have a large range, we are interested in proposals that offer value for money.

Before applying, please read our RFP document and FAQs that contain further details about the project and how to submit your proposal.

CLOSING DATE FOR PROPOSALS: Thursday 20 June 2024 at 5.00pmBST


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