We’ve said a fond farewell to Lynda Mansson, Holger Schmid and the MAVA Foundation from our Board and funder partners. MAVA was a founding member of Partners For a New Economy and has guided our work since we came together as an international philanthropic fund in 2015. The lifecycle of the MAVA Foundation means that they ceased all their grant-making at the end of 2022.

“Saving nature can only be done by changing the system that leads to biodiversity loss and climate change. As MAVA ends its grantmaking in this area, we look to P4NE to take the lead in helping to create an economic system that values people, planet and profit. Only by doing that can we succeed in our quest for sustainable and equitable prosperity.”  – André Hoffmann, MAVA President

Watch Director General of Mava Lynda Mansson’s interview on the foundation’s closing https://youtu.be/SK8uK00YVo4 and read MAVA’s reflections on their work.

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