Important changes at P4NE
New Director and new President

Jo Swinson

On behalf of the Partners for a New Economy (P4NE) board, I am pleased to let you know that some important changes take place this month. Jo Swinson has taken over as Director of P4NE as of the 14th of September and Astrid Kann-Rasmussen has been elected President of the board with immediate effect.

As director of P4NE, Jo will be responsible for the continued development and expansion of the donor collaborative. Jo will represent P4NE; maintain and expand the network of organisations interested in economic systems change; shape, manage and expand our portfolio of high-impact grants; and coordinate the donors in the collaborative. Like all of the donors involved in this collaborative, she shares a passion for effecting change. You can read more on her background here.

Jo can be reached at

I’d like to sincerely thank Leslie Harroun, our departing director, who has been instrumental in making P4NE what it is today. She helped nurture this initiative from its initial stages through to becoming a powerful donor collaborative making an impact. Leslie will remain as a Senior Advisor to P4NE until the end of October.

After chairing P4NE since its inception, I am pleased to hand over the reins to Astrid Kann-Rasmussen. Astrid has 20 years of experience in climate philanthropy and is currently serving as Chairwoman on the New York based V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation as well as being the co-founder and vice-chair on the Copenhagen based KR Foundation. In addition, she has served as special advisor for the VELUX Foundations for more than a decade.

I am confident that Astrid’s visionary and innovative approach will be a huge asset for P4NE in its next phase of development.

Lynda Mansson

President, Partners for a New Economy

Director General, MAVA Foundation


Partners for a New Economy (P4NE) is an international donor collaborative that wants the economic system to generate positive environmental and social outcomes. We were founded in 2015 by MAVA FoundationOak FoundationMarisla Foundation and KR Foundation. Our vision is an economy that enables communities, people and the environment to thrive. P4NE is hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of philanthropy by managing funds and providing grant management services and council for charitable ventures

15 September 2020