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Movement Hub (Plan:B. e.V.)

June 2022 - May 2024

Movement Hub works to strengthen and broaden the climate justice movement in Germany in the long term so that we can win crucial battles for socio-economic transformation. This movement is a vibrant actor for change in Germany and has exercised significant influence over the last decade. Movement Hub works to strengthen the German climate justice movements by supporting strategic reflection, ensuring resource access as well as enabling organizational and skill development for groups and activists at the grassroots level.

Their work to broaden the reach of the climate justice movement involves creating spaces for learning from and with other movements, supporting the climate justice movement’s ‘organising turn’, and, building a community of practice for more effective strategic communication practices. This broadening work is designed to support stronger links between movements that work for climate justice and movements that work for social justice. They aim to make it significantly more difficult for climate and social goals to be pitted against each other in mainstream discourse.

Grant Awarded: $432,997
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