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Climate Safe Lending Network

October 2021 - September 2023

Accelerating the decarbonization of the global banking sector and real economy

The Climate Safe Lending Network creates collaborative spaces that continuously and provocatively nudge the debate towards more progressive perspectives on climate-safe lending practices, based on scientific insight and genuine consideration of social equity. The Network convenes spaces for lending institutions and wider parts of the financial system – including investors, clients, regulators, policymakers, academics, and civil society organizations – to collectively align bank lending with climate-safe scenarios. These scenarios contain emissions to a 1.5℃ temperature increase and incorporate strategies for a socially equitable and just transition.

The Climate Safe Lending Network runs a fellowship program for climate intrapreneurs from banks across the world, a policy initiative for regulatory intervention that encompasses both financial and planetary stability, and brings together diverse perspectives on climate strategies relevant for banks into publications, such as The Good Transition Plan launched at COP26.

Grant Awarded: $350,000
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